Today, I am restarting a blog. I’ve blogged in the past, and I find the practice difficult because I never liked writing on a schedule. In the past, I’ve started a blog just to have a place to ‘speak’ and engage people.

This restart has a particular purpose at the onset. If I continue writing in this location, the context very well may change. For now, the United Methodist Church is a period of upheaval and the future looks extremely transitional. So, I am restarting the blog to give an outlet for my thoughts, recommendations, and rantings. If no one reads them, I’m okay with that. I’m choosing my personal website because I don’t want to attach my congregation’s name to my thoughts and ideas.

Since I mentioned that … I am a pastor in the United Methodist Church, and if you’re looking for a faith community in Northeast Indiana, I would encourage you to check out St. Mark’s in Decatur, IN.

With the context set:
Welcome to my blog.
The opinions expressed here belong to me.
My connections with any other group or person in no way indicate they agree with my opinions.
At the onset, I will open commenting because I want engagement. I will, however, police harshly. If your comments are even slightly mean-spirited, you’ll find yourself banished quickly (perhaps without warning), so I’m seeking civil discourse that targets clarity and understanding more than agreement.


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