A Big Fat So What?!?!

This article was originally published in St. Mark’s Messenger, November, 2020 edition. We’re in the middle of a very contentious election. We’re also in the midst of a global pandemic. I’ve seen Christians from all over the country fighting about how everyone should vote “if you’re a real Christian!” “If you’re a believer, I don’t […]

Lent Again

Sometime around Christmas I always make it a point to say out loud that the Wise Men never appeared at the manger; we don’t know how many of them there were; and nothing indicates they were kings (in fact, royalty is highly unlikely given what we do know). I can bank on someone telling me […]

Déjà vu

[written for the St. Mark’s UMC Newsletter, February, 2020 edition] Here we go again. Fair warning … this one’s gonna be long. The specially called General Conference 2019 (GC19) was billed as the GC where the United Methodist Church would finally resolve its longstanding impasse regarding homosexual practice. After bickering since 1972, we were poised […]