Reading the wrinkles

Well, we received word today of another wrinkle in the Protocol to split the United Methodist Church amicably. The Annual Conference of Liberia passed a resolution regarding the Protocol on Friday that takes issue with all of the main planks in the Protocol’s platform. You can read the entire resolution here –> A few […]

It’s rarely just 2

Many others have made note of the topic of today’s post, but I wanted to wade into these waters for just a bit to express my perspective. As the ‘resident theologian’ (a common phrase to remind pastors of their primary role) at a local church, I am often asked questions about this or that hot […]

Déjà vu

[written for the St. Mark’s UMC Newsletter, February, 2020 edition] Here we go again. Fair warning … this one’s gonna be long. The specially called General Conference 2019 (GC19) was billed as the GC where the United Methodist Church would finally resolve its longstanding impasse regarding homosexual practice. After bickering since 1972, we were poised […]

Are We Splitting?

Prepared for Church Council – 21 January 2020 About the Protocol Itself Announcing the “Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation”The announcement about the proposal that ignited the conversations. The Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through SeparationThis is the actual signed document of the agreement. It lays out all of the elements agreed to […]